Friday 10 May 2013

Felt Tip Liners

Recently I have been favouring felt tip liners over liquid liners. I find I get a better line with them.

I'll say this now I have only tried two different felt liners so this review is only on those two.

The two liners I have been using are Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner (£2.99) and B. Dramatic | Bold Liquid Eyeliner (£5.99)

(I've had the Extreme liner long that's why it looks a little tatty)

There's very little difference in the size of the tips but I think the Extreme Liner (right) is just a little chunkier.

When swatched you can see that the Extreme Liner is much darker than the B. Dramatic liner and therefore gives a more polished look.

B. Dramatic Eyeliner

Extreme Liner

Out of the 2 I much prefer the Extreme Liner. I find with the B. Dramatic Eyeliner I have to go over my line a few times to get a darker look, where as the Extreme Liner I don't, one sweep and we are looking good. I would definitely repurchased the Extreme Liner and its only £2.99 and lasts quite well.

The Extreme Liner comes in 4 colours Black, Blue, Purple and Teal. I also own the Teal one which I will swatch and show soon on this post. One thing to notice though with the Teal colour is that it is harder to get off the lid. The first time I used it I still had a blue 'tattoo' left on my lid the day after.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!

Jeni x


  1. Wow that felt liner makes a huge difference! Looks great. X

    1. Felt liners are like my holy grail although sometimes I go over them with liquid to make the line super duper black :) xx

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