Wednesday 14 August 2013

Oh la la! Freebie!

Everyone loves a freebie!
My most recent freebie came from the August issue of Marie Claire.

An eyeko liquid eyeliner known as SKINNY MINI worth £10! Whoop! :)
So I've been testing it out for a few days and here's what I thought.

So the liner itself comes in a little blue box telling you everything you need to know about its liquidy-linery-goodness.

Long Lasting, Glossy Colour, Easy Application, Precision Point Perfection...

"SKINNY MINI LIQUID EYELINER. Our easy-to-control pen delivers precision point perfection for thick or thing lines and long-lasting colour. With a paraben-free formula with key ingredients Sodium Hyaluronate to ensure colour glides and stays on. Smudge-proof, fade-proof, and above all foolproof."

So I get pretty excited about eyeliners for some daft reason and as you can imagine I was excited about trying this, especially as it was free! And I was not disappointed! It glides on real easy, the colour is super black which makes a nice change and has quite a glossy finish.

The nib is nice a skinny which makes application easy and diverse. You can mix it up between a natural slim line just to create a fuller lash line or a thicker kitty cat flick. It has a mild scent but nothing you really pick up on. The colour stays black all day long and on myself its fairly smudge-proof, not 100%. I endure oily skin so its tough for anything to stay put when rubbed on my skin. I found if I rubbed my eye only the end flicks would smudge out the rest seemed fairly stable. But I'm sure if you didn't have oily skin and maybe wore a primer underneath it should stay put.

Yup, for the swatch I drew an eye, it is for eyeko after all!

One of the good things about this liner is that if you need to top up your line because you missed a tiny bit, when going over your line it doesn't take any of the other liner with it, which I have found with the other felt liners I've used in the past.

So all in all I'm impressed with this bad boy!

Checkout the website for find out more about what other eye-beautifying lovely's they do

Hope you've enjoyed!

Jeni x

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