Thursday, 21 November 2013

New Avon Buys!

Happy Thursday Afternoon ya'll!

A few weeks ago a mentioned I bought some more Avon goodies and was just waiting to receive them, and finally I have!
So this is what I bought:

+ Avon Ideal Flawless Cream to Powder Foundation in Shell £12 - I paid £6 (in book offer)
+ Colour Trend Kiss N' Go Lipstick in Intimate £3.75 - I paid £1.85 (in book offer)
+ Colour Trend Dazzlers Top Coat in Rose Golden £3.50 - I paid £1.50 (in book offer)
+ City Rush Perfume Gift Box Set £12.50 (worth £23.50)

Comes in a big box & inside...

A 150ml Shower Gel, 50ml Perfume, 150ml Body Lotion

I love this fragrance its so fruity and fun and a little sassy!

The tube is wrapped in a magenta coloured plastic wrap.

Underneath is a clean plastic tube

This lipstick is nice and creamy and shows as a pale mauve colour. Really pretty.

This looked more like rose gold in the book, but I think it looks more bronze.
We shall see!

Comes in a black box and is compact stylee

Has a little mirror, as you can see I hadn't taken the plastic off!
And also comes with a little sponge which could be handy if u need to apply on the go.

I'll do a proper review of this later as I've only used it twice but so far I like it!

Sorry for the poor quality of swatchness!
I don't have one for the nail polish so once I've done my nails with the top coat I'll pop that up with a better swatch of the lipstick too!

Hope you've liked!

Jeni x

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