Wednesday 3 September 2014

Whats In My Carry On | Travel Outfit

After a long day of packing I think I'm pretty much set! So I'm able to share with you what will be in my carry on and my travel outfit! 

Can you believe I forgot my purse!

So first up, as my carry on hand luggage I'm taking a rucksack. It fits more stuff in it comfortably and I can sling it on my back and forget its there! This one I picked up from #PRIMARK for about £8. Its got that distressed traveler vibe as some of the thread work is unraveling so that's pretty cool I can pretend I'm a seasoned traveling pro or something
I'm a book worm so I'm packing two books, LA Candy and Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad, they are new to me so cross fingers I like them otherwise I'm screwed for the week!
I'm forever forgetting my sunglasses so I spend most of my time shuffling around like a mole on ground level, so I thought I'd best pack my sunnies in my hand luggage, that way I have them to hand on landing and they don't get squashed! I picked these up from a stall in my local mall for £15.
My iphone. Sadly it has become my life line. Its my phone, camera and ipod in one! And to go with it I'm packing my earbuds.
Comfy cosy socks as the air-con on the plane is too much for my tootsies and they have this un-attractive habit of turning a mottled blue colour!
Passport, 'cause I'm gonna need that to get out of the country!
My trusty wide tooth comb as I'll travel with my hair down and I'll probably want to brush it at least once!
My Radley mirror to check how bad my face looks at 5 am.
Nivea Lip balm because I would die with out it, well not die but I get sore, dry lips very quickly because I've spent my whole life sucking
And a magazine to flick through and look at the pictures when I get bored of reading.
...Obviously my purse will be in my bag too as that holds my cash-moolars!

My travel outfit is all about being comfortable. We've already checked out my rucksack so what am I wearing?
Pale pink, loose knit jumper with lace trim from #FOREVER21 £15. Its loose and comfy, and warm but not too warm, what more do I need?!
H&M silver key necklace (old) to bring it all together (aww)
Primark light wash destroyed boyfriend jeans (£10? £15? Can't remember) These are like my version of sweat pants. I don't do leggins unless the go under a dress or tunic, I LOVE skinny jeans but boy are then uncomfortable for sitting around in for long periods of time! So I'm wearing these. They are a very loose fit and perfect for my long wait (we are getting to the airport about 1am and our flight isn't until 5:35am!) and 4 hour plane journey.
White vest from George @ Asda to go under my jumper.
Slip on shoes from Primark £4. For the simple ease of slipping them on and off when going through check and they are comfy, job done!

So what do you take in-flight with you and what is your ideal traveling outfit? I'd love to know! 

Have a great day and I'll see you when I get back!


Jen x

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