Thursday 15 January 2015

Love Lula | January Beauty Box

Since going no poo, I've become a little more conscious about what I'm putting on my skin and as I've wanted to try a beauty box, the LOVE LULA BEAUTY BOX stood out as it selects organic and natural beauty products to try out.
For a pay monthy subscription its £12.50, 3 monthly £37.50 and a year is £150.
I have a 3 month subscription gifted to me by my dad for Christmas and this is my first box!

 I used this exfoliating cleanser the other day and is smells really lovely and is a pretty good exfoliate, I had some dry skin on my nose that just didn't want to budge, after using this its gone.

I hope to do a first impressions on the Funny Bee BB cream soon, and this is a little sample of the Vinali day cream.

I tried this out the other day, the scent isn't all that and its very very thick but seemed to do a pretty good job.

So far I love this hand cream! Oh my gosh it smells amazing! It has a strong lavender scent even though its meant to be rose scented (it does contain lavender) and it last on your hands for ages.

This is everything I got in my January box and I'm really happy with its, you get a decent amount of product to try out which is cool and I'm already excited to get my February box!

Jeni xo

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