Sunday, 15 February 2015

Use It Up Challenge

I know I'm not the only one out there when I say, I have too much make up, or more to the point too many of one thing. I think I have like 7 foundations on the go and my face ain't big enough to use 'em all at once!
So today as I was rummaging through my over stocked makeup bag looking for a mascara to use (I have 5 in there) I decided something has to change, I've got to economise! Having all these products open/in use at the same time means I'm not actually using anything up and I have bottles and tubes just taking up storage space, and I don't use half of it for weeks/months at a time! Not so good if you stick to use in 6 months labels, I don't, I know how shockingly awful!
So I've set myself a challenge. I picked out one foundation, one mascara, one blusher, one get the jist. One of each "essential" product and gave my self a choice of 3 lipsticks and an eyeshadow pallet to keep in my makeup bag and use up! Each selection is something I've used maybe half of before switching to using something newer and more exciting.
My challenge/goal is simple use it up! No point buying more when I already have a shit load to use, plus I need to save a bit more money for grown up things like mortgages.
So tell me, would you take up the Use it Up challenge? Is there a product that you hoard? 

Jeni xo

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