Wednesday 10 June 2015

D I Y | Gentle Exfoliator

I've found so many physical exfoliator's to be incredibly harsh and scratchy. Some are even having a detrimental effect on the environment especially any that contain "micro beads" which are actually made of polyethylene. Tiny plastic beads that get washed down your drain and end up in the ocean where they are being ingested by sea life.
So in a bid to find a gentle exfoliator that does more good than harm I rediscovered an old beauty favourite: Rolled Oats.

Exfoliator Ingredients |

Rolled Oats
Chamomile Teabag

Method |

Empty one teabag in to your grinder with a handful of oats, and grind in to a fine powder. Transfer to a tub of your choice and your done!
Easy as pie!
To use simply take a couple of pinches of the powder and wet it a little, then massage on to skin. Rinse with warm water. You may need to use a face cloth to remove all traces of oats. You can this once a week, twice a week or its gentle enough to use every day.
I'm sure I don't need to say that if you have an intolerance to oats, not to use this, bur you know if you do, don't.

The exfoliator has a soft milky texture that smells all oaty and delicious. A few great benefits to know  about is that this is a great skin softener and natural moisturiser. It has anti-inflammatory properties, great at dealing with dry, itchy skin and wonderful and speeding the process of small cuts and abrasions. Perfect for anyone with acne prone or sensitive skin.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Jeni xo


  1. Thanks for a great DIY Jeni! I recreated it using green tea instead of chamomile and occasionally mixed it with milk! It works amazingly!

    -Mary |

    1. So glad you tried it Mary :D

      hope your well!