Monday, 22 July 2013

Package From Korea #1 ~Skin79 Miniature Set~

Hola! & Happy Monday!

So a week ago maybe more I was shopping around for a BB Cream (Blemish/Beblesh Balm), my first proper BB Cream. I do realise I'm a tad late on the BB Band-Wagon as we have now moved on to CC Cream (Colour Correct) and even DD Creams (Dynamic Do-all). But hey! What can I say!

So knowing very little about what were the best ones and what I should be looking for in my BB cream I took to reading and watching reviews on the best ones and I learned one thing, Western BB Creams seem to be glorified Tinted Moisturisers. ~Now don't quote me on that because like I said I haven't used very many or hardly any, so I can't really form an opinion. The one I have tried did remind me of a tinted moisturiser however - Collections BB Secrets - and yeah I was not totally impressed by this but I'll get back to that a bit later!

So one of the main BB Creams that kept cropping up was by Skin79 a Korean brand, and if there is one think I've learned while watching youtube videos and reading reviews is that Korea know their beauty. All I hear are wonderful things about Korean beauty products. So taking to ebay I decided to purchase (from a Korean seller) a BB Miniature Set by Skin79 ~ £4.51, to give some of there best BB's a go and decide if I wanted to buy a full sized one. 

So in my little box I have:
VIP Gold Collection: Super+ Beblesh Balm with Whitening, UV Protecting SPF 25 PA++ & Wrinkle Improvement (the gold one)
Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Function with Whitening, UV Protecting SPF 25 PA++ & Wrinkle Improvement (the pink one)
BB Diamond Collection - The Prestige BB Cream (the light pink one)
BB Diamond Collection - Pearl Luminous Beblesh Balm (the silver one)

They are all 5g tubes some I'm sure I'll get through them quickly. I'll try do do individual reviews of each one as I use them with swatches etc...or maybe one post, who knows!

Either way I'm super excited about giving these ago. I'll also do a short review on Collection's BB Secrets.

So until next time Ciao!

Jeni x

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