Thursday 19 June 2014

Review | Mizon All in one Snail Repair Cream & Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

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You may remember waayyyy back in March my UNBOXING post for my Mizon goodies, well I have finally finished up using both the All in One Snail Repair Cream and the Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule, so here is my review!


Brand | Mizon
Product/s | All In On Snail Repair Cream
                 Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule
Size | 75ml (cream) 30ml (ampoule)
Price | £18.04 for the two
Made in | Korea
Would I re-purchase | yes

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Lets start off with the All In One Cream. The product comes in a heavy glass jar with a plastic screw lid. The scent is quite light and inoffensive. There is no floral or fruity scent just a light chemical/alcohol aroma, which I don't mind as is doesn't linger.

I would say that the texture is more of a gel-cream than a cream. Its very light and silky and absorbs in to the skin very easily leaving a soft matte texture.

I would apply this after washing my face, warming the product slightly and smoothing in to my skin and then dabbing any excess into my skin with my finger tips. My skin was left feeling moisturised but not that oily, sticky feeling you sometimes get with other moisturisers.

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The ampoule comes in a little glass vile with a pippet to disperse the product. One of the down falls of this is simply that the pippet doesn't reach the bottom of the vile so when you come to end of your ampoule its hard to get all of the product out.

Like the All In One Cream, the Ampoule has a very light scent, almost scentless. Its much more mild smelling than the cream. Its texture is light, silky and a little oily feeling. It blends really well into the skin and absorbs very quickly leaving a dewy glow.

When using this I would apply after my cream, taking 3/4 to a full pippet of product, again warming in between my fingers and smoothing over my skin then using light dabbing/patting motions until all of the product is absorbed. Although it has a slight oily texture it doesn't leave the skin feeling oily at all.

Over the course of time that I used these two I did notice a slight improvement in my overall skin apearence. I have had a lot less 'large' pimples than I used to, although is still get the little whiteheads. As for wrinkle dispatching I can't really say I noticed anything. Although I have no wrinkles to speak of I do have 3 deep frown lines on my fore head thanks to my constant raised eyebrows and I didn't notice any great difference with them! 
My skin has been feeling more plump and a little firmer but nothing overly drastic and my pore size remains the same.
I have enjoyed using these as part of my skin care routine. The effect they both had on my skin was very cooling and soothing. I'm sure if I had suffered my yearly nose burn while using this it would have done wonders, but alas I have not had nasal sun burn yet. (get in! every year with out fail at some point in the summer I will burn my nose, quite badly and look like Rudolf!)
I would defiantly re-purchase these again in the future, I've just started using a Yes To.. moisturiser (the tomato one) so I'll be doing a post on that sometime soon! 

Oh and no, it wasn't weird or gross using products with snail filtrate as one of the main ingredients, in fact I forgot about it!

Have a great day!

Jen x

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