Monday 24 November 2014

Gel Pro Polishes by George

Hi Guy's

As you may know I'm bit of a nail polish fiend and have a whole tub full of the stuff! When if comes to polish all I want really is a few good days wear and cracking colour.
Today I'm sharing three Gel Pro polishes by George at Asda. All three I think are nice autumnal shades, I think we are still in autumn? Or have we past that now? 
Any way the gel pro's are meant to be like gel manicure polishes offering up high shine and long wear-ability. They cost just £3 and you can pick them up while shopping around for your groceries.  

The three shades I have are from left to right: no.10 Putty Pink, no. 04 Nude Beige and no.09 Nude Pink. Nude Pink is my favourite of the trio, its just a perfect...nude pink shade that doesn't class with my skin tone.

Putty Pink covers really well in just one coat while Nude Pink and Nude Beige definitely need a second coat.

Two coats later and Nude Beige could use perhaps a third coat.

Once I have my optimum amount of coats applied and the polish is touch dry my nails are nice and shiny. Though through experience the polishes take a long time to be 100% dry. I painted my nails with the Nude Pink shade 2 hours before going to work. 2 hours in at work and I managed to dent the polish, so there is a long wait time before you can through your hands in to a bag of nails and your nails come out unscathed (though I'm not to sure what the rest of your fingers would look like!) However with proper waiting times in between coats I'm sure it would dry more effectively.
I normally get 2-3 days of solid wear with this polish which isn't bad.

Have you go any polishes you would recommend?

Jeni x

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  1. I have never heard of these. They sound great and look very beautiful though!
    Putty Pink and Nude Pink looks so beautiful! :)

    -Mary |