Tuesday 23 December 2014

DIY | Whipped Coconut and Peppermint Body Butter

Hi Guys! Merry Almost Christmas!
Can you believe its almost D-Day? I can't!
Today I have for you a very quick & easy DIY gift idea! 
All you need are 2 ingredients Coconut oil and Peppermint oil.
Whats great about this body butter? 1, its 100% raw, organic and good for you, meaning no harsh chemical are going to be absorbed through your skin and there is no packaging left to dispose of. 2, it smells amazing, good enough to eat, and in fact you can eat it! And 3, it makes your skin feel super soft and moisturised!
A perfect present for anyone !

In addition to your coconut and peppermint oils you will need a storage jar, an electric whisk and a bowl.


The amount of coconut oil you will need to use, really depends on the size of your storage jar. In general you will just have to eye ball the amount but for this size jar, I used about 5/6 regular table spoons full. 
Once you have your coconut oil scooped in to your bowl (you can always add more later) you want to begin whipping the oil up with the electric whisk. What this does is gives the coconut oil a lovely soft light texture, great for smoothing on to the skin.
Next you want to add in your peppermint oil. You can of course use different essential oils but I fancied peppermint. Then whip that in with your whisk. 
Once all whipped you simply need to spoon into your jar and voila! Your DIY body butter is complete! 
If you are giving it as a present you can decorate with a bow ^^.

Come back tomorrow for a recipe for Festive Gingerbread Cookies !

Jeni x

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