Friday 25 October 2013

Sheet Mask!

Hi ya'll 
Last night was the first time I used a Sheet Mask :O and I just wanted to share my experience :)

And I have to say I kinda liked it, although I did look like Michael Myers from Halloween and it kinda go in the way of my eyes :|

The sheet mask I used didn't shout a brand and was just simply titled Tea Tree & Peppermint.
On the back all it says is 'Specially produced for Xpel Marketing Ltd' and 'Made in Korea'
It claims that its nourishing and revitalising, deep moisturising and should leave my face feeling silky smoothe.

I got this little baby from discountUK man I love that shop! 
Cost me 99p and I bought 2.

How to use:
1. Thoroughly wash and dry face
2. Take out and unfold the mask and apply on your face
3. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin.
No need to wash face after using the mask!

I had a wee bit o'trouble breaking in to the packaging so I had to lop it open with a pair of scissors and I was surprised at how moist the mask was. To be honest I didn't really know what to expect but the mask is well saturated with ingredients.
The mask its self was cooling on the skin and felt very nice after a long evening at work.
There was a very subtle scent of tea tree, not really enough to notice and I kept in on fro about 20 minutes, could of been longer I was so engrossed in my book!

Scary huh?!

When I took the mask off it was still very moist seemed a shame to put it in the bin, but hey ho!
Once the remaining essence was absorbed in to my skin I just put on a small amount of my night time moisturiser and went to sleep.
I the morning my skin looked great [except a mean mustache spot, god I hate those the worst]
Normally on waking my skins a bit oily but not today!
It felt soft and smoothe and even looked a little luminous!
Now its 4 o'clock in the afternoon and my skin still feels soft but I'm an oil monster ahh!

Maybe he has the same problem? 

Have a great day!

Jeni x

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