Tuesday 10 September 2013

H&M Swatches!

Finally they are here!
The H&M swatches that I didn't have in my
Mixed Haul post!

The eye-shadow's didn't have names so these are my names for them! Its more of a description of the colours! :P

The consistency of each isn't to bad, a bit powdery but not to much so. They also have quite a creamy feel.


The eyeliner is much brighter than I thought, has a metallic finish to it which really catches and reflects the light.

Although as a swatch the lip pen is very bright on my lips its different. My lips are naturally very pigmented anyway so this colour tones them down a bit and leaves a slight orangey hue. I find I can only wear this if my lips are completely smooth otherwise it really shows up any cracks.

Thanks for looking!

Jeni x

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