Monday 21 July 2014

DIY | Lip Gloss

I'm sure you all know by now that I love a DIY. And today I'm sharing with you this super quick and easy DIY for lip glosses.

Here's what you will need:

~ Eye shadow's or Blushers
~ Containers
~ Castor Oil

First up what you want to do is scrape in to your containers an decent amount of your eye shadow or blush.
The first two are MUA blushers in Shade1 and Bubblegum. Then I have a magenta eye shadow, a pale pink and a coral. And finally a cream bush I  thought I would try by Natural Collection in Rosy Pink.

Then simply add in your Castor oil, I just eyeballed it to get the amount I wanted, then simply mix together to combine, make sure you get those little bits.

And here we have all six. What I noticed was that once the shadow or blush was combined with the castor oil the colouring would change, so each lip gloss ended up different to how it had look in powder form. So this is a really important thing to consider.

These are our swatches. The second from the top was the MUA blusher in Bubblegum and this is my favourite shade. The magenta pink shadow turned purple! And is extra sparkly on, would be great if you were creating a scifi or halloween look!
The cream blush is the one second from the bottom and didn't mix overly well with the castor oil. All the other colours came out very nude, which is perfect if your a fan of nudes. Sadly I don't have the lips or skin tone to carry nudes, so I doubt I'll use those.
I did take some photos of the swatches on my lips, but in photo's my lips are really wonky looking so I decided against that! Sorry!

This little DIY was really easy to do and I hope you give it a go!
Credit for the idea goes to beautyklove.

Have a great day!


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