Friday 18 July 2014

How To: Top Knot

Here is my quick and easy how to for the classic top knot. 

Here's what you will need:

A scrunchie, preferably one close to your hair colour, a smoothing brush, a clear hair tye, this one is by Scunci and bobby pins.

1. Start off by brushing your hair up and back in to a high pony using the smoothing brush.
2. Then tie you pony using your scrunchie.
3. Next simply wrap your hair around the scrunchie and pull your clear hair tye over the top of your top knot.
4. Secure any sticky outtie bits with bobby pins.
5. The your good to go!

This hairstyle is great for second or third day hair as the grease in your hair keeps the fly away's at bay and its great for summer! It can look really sleek and fashionable with all hair including your fringe slicked back.
Hope you try out these tips the scrunchie makes the top knot nice and bulky as apposed to flat or tight.
Have a great day guys! 
Oh and happy 100th post!

Jen x

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