Monday 1 February 2016

My Simple Skincare Routine

For me, simple is always better. And its not till I got really simple with my skin care did my skin settle down and begin to look good. I mean, I currently have the best skin of my life, and I do next to nothing with it! Interested? Keep on reading!

Night Time Skincare Routine |

Step one | Cleanse

To cleanse my skin of an evening I use a very simple DIY oil cleanser. Its a mix of Castor Oil & Walnut Oil. Both selected for different reasons. Castor Oil draws out dirt and impurities while Walnut Oil nourishes the skin, fights wrinkles and is a good remedy for infection.

I take 1 - 2 pumps (I re-used an old oil cleanser bottle from one of my love lula boxes) of oil, massage it over my face concentrating on removing my mascara then use a hot flannel to wipe it off. All it takes is two wipes and I'm done. I don't rinse or pat my face dry just allow it to air dry.

Recipe |

Be sure to sake before use as the castor oil is much heavier. You can change up your oils and customise your cleanser to you.

Step two | Tone

My toner is also another DIY. I love this stuff. I notice if I stop using it for just a couple of weeks, my skin starts to break out again, so I highly, highly recommend it! After my cleanse I take my toner on a cotton wool ball, and swipe it all over my face. If I have missed any dirt in my cleanse this picks it up.

Recipe |

I posted this recipe back in July, and since then I have added in one of my favourite spot busters, Witch Hazel. Its a natural astringent and skin cleanser, teamed with Tea Tree Oil Essential Oil, another beautiful antiseptic and Apple Cider Vinegar that regulates the skins ph levels, prevents spots and is also a wonderful help for oily skinned lovies this is my holy grail! This as you may have guessed is my spot prevention step. 
Although preventative I do end up with the odd red spot in which case I grab my tea tree EO and apply it directly to the spot, 1 day later, spots pretty much gone.

Dr.Organic Tea Tree Pure Oil £4.59 from Holland & Barrett

Step three |


Finally I moisturise. I take one pump of my Dr Bronners Orange Lavender Organic Lotion, its says for hands and body but you can use it all over, and smooth it in to my face and neck. And I'm done. If I find I need a little deeper nourishment because I've been outside all day or rubbed my face a lot, I'll use coconut oil instead. But I'm careful to use it no more than once a week as it can clog pores.

Dr.Bronners Orange Lavender Organic Lotion £8.49 from

I have had this lotion for at least 2 months and I'm about a quarter of the way through, I love it! It has lasted so well, my skin doesn't get nearly as oily has it did and its just the right amount of moisture for me.

Extras |

Once a month if I feel the urge to pamper myself I'll do a bentonite clay mask (I'll do a post on it) as a real deep cleanse.

Morning Skincare Routine |

All I do is remove step one, and replace with a simple wash with warm water and nothing else and repeat steps two and three.
Over the last 2/3 months I've also stopped using foundation and have found that this has in fact greatly improved my skin in collaboration with this skincare routine. I find now I hate wearing it and hate the way it makes my skin look! Never thought I'd hear myself say that! But with out all that makeup clogging up my skin its aloud it to breath and level out and look happy!

If you give any of this a try let me know how you get on!

Jeni xo