Friday 17 May 2013

Get the Perfect Fit

I was inspired to make this post after watching a video by Bubzbeauty on youtube [Linked below] about bra fitting.

After watching her video I grabbed my tape measure and gave myself a measure. Using her simple guides on how to measure yourself, I was soon surprised to find that I may well need to go bra shopping!

So yesterday I did just that. I popped in to a few shops tried a few bra's all manner of sizes that were all wrong, then ended up in Boux Avenue and wound up getting re-measured in the shop.

For years and years had been wearing the wrong bra size! Every bra I own in a 32A or 34A when really I should have been wearing a 30D! I was so shocked! How could my lil boobies be a D cup!

I think the common mistake that we all make is that we see that we either have small or big boobies and go 'I must be an A cup or I must be a DD.' When really the most important part is getting our back measurement correct then finding the cup that fits us well.

Its amazing the difference it makes. Wearing a 30D bra over a 32A has given me much more cup room - my boobs are completely covered round the sides, more cleavage, support and I no longer get that back ride up where your front is lower than your back.

So basically all I'm saying is even if you think you KNOW your bra size it won't hurt getting measured, you could be surprised! Plus its free!

...Although you may find out that you need to replace all of your bra's and only certain shops stock your size!

Click here for her video


Here for her web post

Big thanks to Bubzbeauty, she amazing :) if you don't already, subscribe to her channel :)

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Tuesday 14 May 2013

MUA Lippies

A few months back I found a cosmetics brand called MUA- Makeup Academy sold exclusively at Superdrug.

MUA's products are not bad quality and are purse friendly. Prices start at £1! :) happy days!

MUA also has a range of lipstick/gloss designed by Alexandra Burke called LIP BOOM.

I have 4 lip products to share with you today, 2 lipsticks, a lip tint & balm and a plumping lip gloss.

MUA Lipstick: These babies are only £1 each

This is shade 3, its a bit brighter in the flesh and such a fun colour to wear, especially for the summer, if it ever stops raining and blowing a gail!

This is shade 2, its really pretty and sophisticated great for the summer evenings.

MUA: Power Pout Colour Intense Tint & Balm £3!

This is the colour Irreplaceable, its a gorgeous muted pink with a pepperminty scent. Love it!

MUA: Out There Plumping Lip Gloss £2!

This is the colour Sienna, its a vibrant coraly-orange shade, would be stunning with a tan. Its a bit brighter in the flesh. This lip gloss contains Maxi lip which gives the lip gloss its plumping effect. It does tingle a bit on application.

I recommend all these lippies and for next to nothing they are a bargain!

As well as these 4 lippies I have 2 eye shadow pallets, a concealer pallet and some pencil liners which I'll do a post on in the future.

If your interested at looking at there full range I have added the web link below. 

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Sunday 12 May 2013

Fixing Over Plucked Eyebrows

Today I'm going to be talking about fixing sparse, over plucked or gappy eyebrows.

Eyebrow's are one of the most important things on your face. They frame your features and can define the way you look.

Ever seen people with little or no eyebrows? Its scary!

Sure you can fill in and thicken up your brows with brow powders, I do, but its also nice to have a good base of brow down to start with.

A little while ago I noticed I had a small gap in one of my eyebrows. How it got there is a mystery. I only ever pluck from the bottom and this little beast was hanging around at the top. So I left it for a month or so thinking the hairs would come back..but they didn't, cue sad face :(

[Such a bad photo! Sorry!]

I'd heard that castor oil was good for promoting hair growth and had recently bought some from a local beauty supply shop, to help gown out my hair and I wondered whether this would work for eyebrows too. Doing some googleing I came across a few pages that said that it would work so why not give it ago ?! 

So on 15th April I started my little experiment.

Before bed I have been dipping my finger in the oil and rubbing it gently over both eyebrow's and my lashes as a conditioner. I have done this every night now for nearly a month and have seen promising results :)

Hairs started sprouting about a week and a half in and to date the gap is pretty much gone :) 

TA-DAH! No more gappage! 

I've avoided plucking my brows since the start of my experiment so they are a wee bit messy but at least they are looking fuller! It has also worked well in conditioning my lashes. They look a bit fuller especialy with mascara on.

I'm working on getting my mum to give it ago, as a kid her sister plucked all her eyebrows out and needless to say they haven't grown back very well at all! So if I can get her to do this I'l upload some photo's but there's no promise!

I got my castor oil from a local beauty shop for £2.99, but you can also buy online from ebay or amazon just search for castor oil, or also Holland & Barrett, for about £10.
Reviews say that using cold pressed castor oil is best as all the nutrients are left intact. I'm not sure if mine is as it doesn't say so on the bottle! 

I'm not saying that castor oil will work for everyone but its worth a shot! Its cheap and worth giving a go if you have plans on trying Rapidlash or Rapidbrow which retails at about £28-£41 at boots which is meant to do the same - condition lashes and re-grow eyebrows.

Below I have added a few links about castor oil for hair growth so give those a little check out for ideas. 
Also make sure you are not allergic to the oil, it is a natural oil, but better to be safe than sorry. Oh and one more thing, castor oil is very thick and sticky so be careful not to get it on your clothes.

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Hope it works for you too!

Jeni x

Friday 10 May 2013

Felt Tip Liners

Recently I have been favouring felt tip liners over liquid liners. I find I get a better line with them.

I'll say this now I have only tried two different felt liners so this review is only on those two.

The two liners I have been using are Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner (£2.99) and B. Dramatic | Bold Liquid Eyeliner (£5.99)

(I've had the Extreme liner long that's why it looks a little tatty)

There's very little difference in the size of the tips but I think the Extreme Liner (right) is just a little chunkier.

When swatched you can see that the Extreme Liner is much darker than the B. Dramatic liner and therefore gives a more polished look.

B. Dramatic Eyeliner

Extreme Liner

Out of the 2 I much prefer the Extreme Liner. I find with the B. Dramatic Eyeliner I have to go over my line a few times to get a darker look, where as the Extreme Liner I don't, one sweep and we are looking good. I would definitely repurchased the Extreme Liner and its only £2.99 and lasts quite well.

The Extreme Liner comes in 4 colours Black, Blue, Purple and Teal. I also own the Teal one which I will swatch and show soon on this post. One thing to notice though with the Teal colour is that it is harder to get off the lid. The first time I used it I still had a blue 'tattoo' left on my lid the day after.

Hope this helps!

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