Friday 17 May 2013

Get the Perfect Fit

I was inspired to make this post after watching a video by Bubzbeauty on youtube [Linked below] about bra fitting.

After watching her video I grabbed my tape measure and gave myself a measure. Using her simple guides on how to measure yourself, I was soon surprised to find that I may well need to go bra shopping!

So yesterday I did just that. I popped in to a few shops tried a few bra's all manner of sizes that were all wrong, then ended up in Boux Avenue and wound up getting re-measured in the shop.

For years and years had been wearing the wrong bra size! Every bra I own in a 32A or 34A when really I should have been wearing a 30D! I was so shocked! How could my lil boobies be a D cup!

I think the common mistake that we all make is that we see that we either have small or big boobies and go 'I must be an A cup or I must be a DD.' When really the most important part is getting our back measurement correct then finding the cup that fits us well.

Its amazing the difference it makes. Wearing a 30D bra over a 32A has given me much more cup room - my boobs are completely covered round the sides, more cleavage, support and I no longer get that back ride up where your front is lower than your back.

So basically all I'm saying is even if you think you KNOW your bra size it won't hurt getting measured, you could be surprised! Plus its free!

...Although you may find out that you need to replace all of your bra's and only certain shops stock your size!

Click here for her video


Here for her web post

Big thanks to Bubzbeauty, she amazing :) if you don't already, subscribe to her channel :)

Jeni x

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