Tuesday 6 May 2014

P.S Love...

I'm a lover of all things bargainy so last week when I picked up a lipstick from Primark to give a try, I kinda fell in love! So today I went back and picked up a few more bits. I picked up a two palettes 'day' and 'night' for £2.50, a lip gloss, two lip crayons, a lip gloss crayon and two lips stain pens for £1.50 each. 
I wanted to do a quick swatch post because I kinda get excited when a buy new products and these are so cheap I wanted to share them!

I really love that you get a mix of shimmer and matte in both palettes. The colours in the 'Night' palette are more opaque where as the 'Day' palette is a tad more on the sheer side.

From Left to Right: 

+ Lip Gloss
+ Red Lip Stain
+ Pink Lip Stain 
+ Red Lip Crayon
+ Bright Pink Lip Crayon
+ Pale Pink Lip Crayon

I'm really looking forward to giving these ago as I was so pleased with my PS Love lipstick. The gloss is really lovely and opaque and the stains look like they will leave good colour. After washing my hands a few times they have stayed put! The crayons are a little more sheer and need a few swipes to build up a good colour.
They all seem to have a very faint aroma of vanilla which is quite pleasant. And the ones that I have tried on all feel nice and moisturising on the lips which is awesome! Some of the cheap ones I've tried are so drying, I have this gorgeous orchid shade lipstick from Asda, one of their cheap £1 budget lippies and it just sucks the moisture out of your lips. So the fact the these don't is a huge bonus!

I hope you've enjoyed this post!
I'm always picking up new products and I more often than not share them on my instagram now that I have it! So if you wanna see what I'm buying go check out my instagram and keep up to date with me!

Have a great day!

Jen x

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