Tuesday 24 June 2014

DIY | Rose Water

Hi Guys!
So as promised in yesterdays post today I'm going to show you how to make your own Rose Water at home. 

Here's what you will need:

Additionally you will need water and ice.


Place your rose petals in a large pan.
Make a hole in the middle to place your small heat-proof dish.
Fill the dish with your ceramic baking beads this will stop this dish from moving about.
Fill the pan up with enough water to cover the rose petals and put your large heat-proof dish on top of the little one.

Place your lid on it upside down and slowly bring to a simmer.
Put ice on to the lid to help create more condensation, this condensation is our distilled rose water that will drip down in to the bowl.
Do this for about 15 mintutes. Once cooled transfer your rose water to a container.
And this is piddly little amount is what I achieved. Which is rather disappointing!

The tutorial I watched had loads of water :( no such luck for me! Maybe my bowls weren't the right size?
Maybe you will have better luck?
I don't plan on trying it again sadly I'll just stick to using my KTC Rose water. But let me know if you have any better luck than me if you have tried this before!

Have a great day!
Jen x

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  1. Hi Jen! Thanks for DIY! Also saw it in other blogs. But i like the way you described the process. Maybe you could use a lid without that small hole so more steam will remain under it and more rose water as a result.