Thursday 9 October 2014

Elf's Kitchen | Chocolate Raw Bars

I go through healthy eating phases. Where I try to be as good as possible, cut out crisps and sweets and try to fill my belly with healthier fruits and vegetables. But as much as I love a handful of blueberries I still crave chocolate. Hands up all chocoholics out there!
So today I'm sharing with you a tasty recipe for Chocolate Raw Bars that are completely guilt free and taste just like chocolate brownies, yummo!

So here are your ingredients:

1 Cup    | Pitted Dates (approx: 128g)
1/2 Cup | Ground Almonds (approx: 64g)
1/3 Cup | Dried Cranberries (approx: 43g)
1/4 Cup | Cocoa Powder (approx: 32g)
1/2 tbsp | Coconut Oil
1/2 tsp   | Vanilla Flavouring
1/4 tsp   | Sea Salt
additional ingredient Almond Milk.

Start by blending your dates up in a food processor. This is the trickiest bit as the dates are super sticky. I blend them up a few at a time.
Once the dates are as blended as you can get them add in the coconut oil and vanilla flavouring. Blend a bit more then add in the remaining ingredients except for the cranberries. As you go you will need to add in a splash here and a splash there of almond milk to loosen up the mixture. 

Transfer you mixture into a bowl. You may need to stab at it with a spoon and combine the ingredients a bit more, if you have a good blender, you probably won't have to but I have a pants one so I have to.

 Then add in the cranberries and combine. Transfer the mixture into a Tupperware box lined with grease proof paper and using your fingers (trust me on this) pat down your mixture. Pop your box in the fridge and allow to set for half hour.

Once chilled you want to remove from the fridge and slice up. Its up to you how you cut them I like to do long bar like bars! Then simply wrap in cling film and store in the fridge. 
They are so yummy and its good to know there is no added sugar! 
The cocoa is much better for you than milk chocolate, the dates give you that stickyness and the cranberries add a nice sweetness. The almond milk acts as an extra glue and as its almond milk not cows milk it won't go off in your bag.

Hope you give this ago, I normally get about 7-8 bars, enough for a week.

Ciao Bella's!

Jen x


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