Wednesday 4 January 2017

The Mooncup | my experience

I'd never given much thought to menstrual cups, one way or another until a few months ago. I was researching all the un-savories that appear in tampons and pads and wanted to find an alternative.

The Mooncup is a soft medical grade silicone menstrual cup that's safe and eco-friendly.
The mooncup comes in 2 sizes A & B.
Size A is designed for those over the age of 30 or any who has given birth naturally.
Size B is designed for those under the age of 30 & not given birth naturally.

I chose size A, most women will know what size will work best for them. I bought my Mooncup from Boots for £21.99.

the little tab with need to be cut down to the correct size for your body

How to use |

Before you use the cup the first time you will need to boil it in water over the stove. I bought my self a cheap sauce pan use, dedicated for use with my cup.
Menstrual cups can take a good few tries to get the knack of using, but once you have it down its really easy!

Step 1 | wash your hands!
Step 2 | rinse the cup, its easier to insert when its wet
Step 3 | fold -

I use folding technique 2.

Step 4 | insert like you would a tampon with out an applicator. I find using my thumb the easiest way.
Step 5 | your done!

My experience |

I've been using the mooncup now since November 2016, and I've had 3 periods since then (sorry TMI I know!) I found the first few times inserting was a bit awkward but with every time it got easier and easier.
When the cups inside you can't feel it at all, on occasion if the cups not in quite far enough I can feel the little pull tab, so when I'm able I just do a quick sort out.
I only need to worry about emptying the cup twice a day, and that's not even too bad. I think a lot of women are turned off the idea of using menstrual cups as they kind of make you confront your menstrual blood, but I think its no different than when you use a tampon or pad. I actually feel cleaner using the mooncup.
So emptying is none to difficult. I find one of the best tricks is to stand up (over the loo) insert thumb and forefinger and find the tab, and pinch the very base of the tab where the tab meets the cup. Occasionally I have found I need to push with my pelvic muscles to help move the cup down. Once I have hold of it, gently wiggle it out. Deposit the blood down the loo, and rinse out the cup in the sink. Then re-insert.
One thing I have noticed is that the cup stains very quickly. As its made from clear silicone just 3 uses as stained my cup brown (nice!) but that doesn't affect is performance.
Since using the cup I don't loath my period, and that's a big thing! Its so comfortable I forget it in there! I'm not wasting money going out and buying tampons & in the long run its better for the environment & myself. I will definitely not be going back to tampons!

So if I was to rate the mooncup I'd give it a resound 10/10!

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