Sunday 31 March 2013

George Nail Polish

George by ASDA nail polish ranges between £1 (if its on offer) - £2.75. So its pretty inexpensive and I seem to have a small collection going on.

They have a huge range of colours to choose from. From pastels to metallic's  and even shatter effect all 'quick drying'.

They're a cheap buy and you get what you pay for. The polish itself isn't very opaque so 2-3 thin coats are needed. But the colour range I love so undoubtedly I'l buy more.

As for quick drying, I'd say it does just that which is always an added bonus. It lasts 1 - 2 days without chipping too bad.

One of my favourite colours is this vibrant pink called groove its much brighter in real life and is a real Barbie pink. Perfect to put you in a girly mood.
On this lil finger is a sample of the pale pink glitter polish called pink glitz it adds just a hint of sparkle to the polish underneath. Can be worn on its own to add subtle sparkle to your colour free nails.

I want to try out their metallic range and shatter effects also so I'll be updating this post from time to time. Showing other favourite colours.

Although these polishes are cheap I would say they are definitely cheerful and worth the £1.75 you pay.

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Jeni x

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