Sunday 31 March 2013

Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI

I've had this Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI (£6.99) top coat for a while now and have used it every time I paint my nails. I bought it after seeing a short review of it on youtube, where the girl sad it was awesome and I was in desperate need of a decent top coat so I bought it.

On the box it states that it will have your nails dry to touch in 30 seconds and give you chip-free shine for up to 10 days.

As much as I would love to say it 'its fantastic and works like a charm!' I can't. It does only one of those things for me.

If your after a top coat that will have your nails touch dry fast this is great for that, so if you have a night out planned and want your nails done quick-smart use this. Though touch dry I wouldn't try doing something like the washing up straight after because you will end up with dents and smudges if your not careful.

Chip-free shine for 10 days however...not so much :(

You'll be safe for 1 day for sure..maybe 2. But I have found normally by day 2 its chipping slightly on my index and middle fingers, day 3 chipping more, day 4 I'm taking the polish off.

I'm so glad I bought this with the points on my Boots card otherwise I would be pissed. Maybe I should be buying more expensive nail polish perhaps? Would it work better then? I do not know.

So my verdict is thus, grand if you need your nails to dry quick and want to have nice nails for just 1 day.

*7th April 2013*

Recently I tried 2 coats of top coat and I found my nails were chip free for longer. 2-3 days. Day 5 they were looking ok, chipped but not horrid. So I change my verdict: Use 2 coats of insta-dri and your manicure will last longer than it would with one!


Jeni x

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