Thursday 12 September 2013

A Lovely Surprise!

Hello Happy Bunnies!
Yesterday I got a lovely surprise! 
One of the very lovely ladies at work bought in a bag of left over/extra un-opened/un-used makeup testers. (Her husband supplies them to shops & so on, & they quite often get lots left over to take home!)
And so said very lovely lady said to me:
 "Hey Jeni, you like make up would you like to take some of these home with you!"
Well my little face lit up and I was a bit "OMG really!" 
Anywho...I picked out 2 lip glosses & 2 lipsticks all by L'Oreal a brand I haven't actually used before Shock/Horror!
I genuinely could not stop saying thank you, and she kept telling me I could take more! If I hadn't controlled myself the bag would have come home with me! 
So here are the amazing lippie's that I picked out :)

They are sooo pretty :)

I have 2 of the L'Oreal Rough Caresse Lipsticks worth £7.99


2 of the Glam Shine 6hr wear Lipglosses worth £8.69

I have never had such beautiful looking lipsticks or lipglosses. I love the packaging - so classy :)
All 4 colours are beautiful! I wore the lipstick 202 Impulsive Fuchsia today such a pretty bright colour! Oh my gosh! 

Time for a quick review!


Both colours are really pretty on, and glide on smoothly and feel like a lip-balm. I would say I had about 45min-1hr's wear before I felt my lips beginning to dry and a need of lip-balm to moisten. The colour lasts a long time even through eating and drinking although your left with more of a tinted-stain than a full blown lip colour - which is still really nice. Given a chance to buy these I totally would!

202 Impulsive Fuchsia 

4 Rose Mademoiselle
The colours in the flesh are a tad more punchy and vibrant.


Again both colours are beautiful! I love the heart shaped soft applicator that bends gently as you gloss up. The colours are a bit more muted than the lipsticks. And as with all lip gloss they are a little sticky but not as much as some of the cheaper brands. Last night I wore 118 Fresh Cassis out to the cinema with my boyfriend and it lasted well through popcorn, coke & kisses (aww-hehe). Once the gloss wore away I was left with a very subtle tint. Again I love these lip-glosses and would totally buy them!

118 Fresh Cassis

102 Always Pink
 Both colours a bit my alive in the flesh!

 camera + bright sun light = colour bleaching!

So I feel like a very lucky girl to of been given the chance to pick out and try some new goodies!
A really big thank you again to the very lovely lady at work who let me and the other girls pick out some pretty treats!

I hope you enjoyed!

Have a lovely day|evening|night where ever you are!

I'm off to get ready for bed!

Jeni x