Sunday 15 September 2013

The Double Bun AKA The Princess Leia

Hi !
Today I give to you this fun hair style I wore on Friday 
The Double Bun
if your a Star Wars fan like me
The Princess Leia!

Do we like my awkward posing? :P

This hair style is super easy to create.
All you need are 4 hair ties and your required number of bobby pins.

To start off, separate hair in to two sections, parting from the middle.
Then tie in to pig tails at your desired height.
Gently twist and wrap hair around the hair tie to form a bun on both sides.
Like me, you may need to twist the bun round and gently fan it out to get a neater, flatter shape.
Once you have your desired shape simply pin in place. 
I used two pins per bun, just to keep it flat.
Then spritz with hairspray.
Job done!

I loved wearing this hair style, its cute and a little quirky. 
And I totally didn't mind being called Princess Leia all day!

Hope you give it a go!

Jeni x

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