Wednesday 9 October 2013

Oil Cleansing Method | Week 2 (& a half)


Today's just an update on my Oil Cleansing journey.

Last week I was breaking out, all red and painful all thanks to Olive Oil :( boo!
So I switched to Jojoba oil and my skin is much happier!

My breakout has reduced massively, though I still have my 'everyday pimples'.
 My oil levels rose up again :/
But just today and yesterday it seems to be leveling out. 
With any luck my oiliness will stay at a controllable level! 

After each cleanse my skin feels soft and moisturised, and I notice that the dirt/blackheads blocking my pores get drawn towards the surface.

So far I'm still loving using this method of cleansing
Will keep updating


Have a great day!

Jeni x

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