Tuesday 15 October 2013

Skin79 Min Set Review

Its been a long time coming but I finally finished using my Skin79 mini set of BB creams.
I bought these a while back, and mentioned them in this POST.
Here's the corresponding post!

Lets start with the fist one I used which was the bright pink BB Cream.
Ultimately this was my favourite of them all.
It has a medium thick consistency and covers pores and redness well. It glides on to the skin and there's no need to use loads.
 A little goes a long way. 
My favourite way to apply was dabbing it on with my fingers.

The colour was a little greyer than I was used to and I can say that for all of them, but the colour match was amazing for me! I was really surprised because it only comes in one shade.
 Although I found if I put too much on I would look a little pale.
This was long wearing and kept my oils at bay while leaving my skin feeling moisturised all day long.

My second BB was the Diamond Pearl Luminous silver tube.
This had a much thinner consistency and was full with shimmery good-ness. 
If you like that sort of thing.

It didn't cover pores and redness very well and I found it didn't blend all that great either.
Wearability is interesting!
Like I said it has a lot of shimmer in it, and I mean a butt load.
Remember Edward Cullen's sparkles?

[mm well hello! my face was like this!]

Yeah more sparkly than him!
My boyfriend did ask me one day why my face was so sparkly!
The upside you do look luminous!

Moving on to the VIP Gold BB.
I found this to be very similar to the Pink BB in both consistency and colour matching.

I would say it was slightly more moisturising than the pink one and would be better for those with dry skin.
It also has a long wear time to it.

And finally the pale pink Diamond Collection BB.
No shimmer in this one!

Again I found this similar to the bright pink and gold BB's but with an ever so slightly thinner consistency.
Coverage was good but not as amazing as the bright pink and gold. Feels very moisturing and actually seemed to have a slight scent to it unlike the others!

Like I said at the beginning the Super+ BB (BrightPink) was my favourite of them all and I have plans to make a full sized purchase in the future :)

Have you ever used any Skin79 BB's - What was your favourite?

Hoped you enjoyed

Jeni x

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