Thursday 28 November 2013

Avon Swatches | Lipstick & Nail Polish

As promised here are the proper swatches for the lipstick I brought and the nail polish!

Kiss n' Go lipstick in Intimate

Still loving this is so buttery to put on and moisturising and a pretty cool toned pale mauve/pink colour.

Dazzlers top coat in Rose Golden

This I was disappointed with. It looked completely different in the book.
Print screen from web.

Its pretty enough, I put 3 coats on top of a bronze/brown polish.
As it dried off completely it seemed to shrink my nail colour away from my nail tips, if that makes sense so it look like I had been wearing it a while and the tips had chipped off.
Also it chipped really easy and as all glitter polish, is a bugger to get off.

Jeni x

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