Monday 4 November 2013

Maybelline NY Brow Drama Review | Updates

Happy Monday!
Today I will be reviewing Maybelline's Brow Drama sculpting Brow Mascara.

Dark Blond £4.99 for 7.6ml 

I'm not big on the packaging it looks really cheap!

The colour's not bad and I think if you had fairer eyebrows than me this wouldn't be a bad colour match.
The spoolie is interesting to work with. The bigger fluffier ball at the tip is good for getting a light amount on to the fluffier inner parts of your eyebrow's [hope that makes sense]. But then you need to use the tighter thinner coils on the mid-ends of your brows, but the fluffy end works just as well.

As for the effect on your brow's, it isn't massive.

Its effect is very subtle and natural looking. 
More of a neatening mascara than anything with real substance.
I'd been looking forward to trying this because I've seen some other brow mascara's used in youtube tutorials and they look like they work really well.
I was sadly a bit disappointed with this. I had hoped it might help to lighten my brows after I apply my brow powder but it didn't really do that.
I don't particularly like wearing it with out a powder underneath but it is good if your not in the mood to fill in your browser and just want a hint of colour and tidyness.

Although this wasn't what I hoped it would be I think its a good way for some one who wants to begin filling in their brows but is a little nervous about it, to try out.
The effect is so subtle you won't look too different.
I remember the first time I filled in my brows I was a bit shocked at the difference and a bit unsure, but I'm so glad I do it now.

Time for Updates!

Just a quick update with my oil-cleansing journey. Its now been over 6 weeks and I still like using this method to rid my face of dirt and makeup of an evening.
I'm still using the mix of Jojoba oil and Castor oil.
My oiliness is much better but I think that could have something to do with a new moisturiser I'm using [review to come] and sadly I can't say my skins super clear because I have a small breakout [hormonal acne, yup TOMs visiting]
So I plan to carry on using this method of cleansing and this is the last update that I will do, unless all of a sudden I have perfect skin and I think this is the reason for it!


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Thanks for reading!

Jeni x


  1. I really like the Catrice one, you can check it out here, if you want :) It's barely tinted, but it;s pretty good.
    Girl's Temptations

    1. Hi! I'll definitely check it out thank you! :)