Wednesday 4 December 2013

Inspired By: Catching Fire

Hi guys!
I've been so excited for the second installment of The Hunger Games Trilogy: Catching Fire!
And I'm finally going to see it tonight!
So I was inspired to a little bit of nail art for the occasion and a hair style.

For the nail art:
+ Base coat
+ Black nail polish
+ Red nail polish
+ Orange nail polish
+ Yellow nail polish
+ Bronze glitter top coat
+ Top coat
+ Old makeup sponge
I'm not the neatest of nail painters!

Step 1: Paint a layer of your base coat and allow to dry. Double coat all nails with the black polish
Step 2: On a scrap of paper or newspaper make a pile of red polish to dip your sponge in. Sponge the red polish over 3 quarters of the nail, allow to dry then repeat. Exclude the ring finger.
Step 3: Repeat step 2 using the orange and yellow polishes. Allow to dry.
Step 4: Paint 1 layer of the orange polish over the ring finger nail. Allow to dry.
Step 5: Finally paint the glitter top coat over all the nails.

And your done!

Its obviously not the most amazing nail art in the world and kind to reminds me of the German flag but its easy enough!

Now the hairstyle

I recreated Prim's hairstyle in this picture using this TUTORIAL by Cute Girls Hairstyles.

It was bit of a challenge because my elbows began to ache like crazy!

And thus concludes my Catching Fire post!

Hope you liked!

Jeni x


  1. Hey, I love your post- the nail design is super cute! You've been tagged by me to do my "Christmas Beauty" tag. I hope you like it. Check out for more information... =]