Monday 27 January 2014

Review | L'Oreal Triple Active Anti Shine Day Cream

Happy Happy Monday!
Today I'm going to share my thoughts on the L'Oreal Triple Active Anti-shine Day Cream

Brand| L'Oreal Paris
Price| £6.49
Size| 50ml glass jar
Purchased at| Superdrug
Would I re-purchase| Yes

 The product has lasted me about 3 months and probably has at least another 2 weeks worth of product left, which isn't bad. I find face cream last me a long time in general. 

It says to use both morning and evening but at night I'm not worried about keeping my skin matte so I only use this in the morning, though perhaps using it both morning and evening would produce better results.

I don't overly love that you have to dip your fingers in the product to use it, its not overly sanitary and I find I end up with horrid bits of fluff hiding out in my cream, which I then have to pluck out. But on the plus side you do get use use up 100% of the product. 

It is a very light cream, with a citrusy fresh scent that I find appealing. On first application skin is appears mattified and looks oil free. The cream contains Perlite - which is amorphous volcanic glass? Say what?! And Salicylic Acid - which is used in lots of skin care but can be a bit hit and miss for some as it can clog pores.

Now I have pretty oily skin so when I picked this up I was hoping it would really work. I've tried several different mattifying moisturisers over the years, including a Clinique one which I was very disappointed with. However the Triple Active has worked pretty well. 
It keeps my cheeks fairly matte all day long, but on the flip side, my forehead is still incredibly oily. 
Another thing that I have noticed is that it doesn't form a barrier from the additional oils/moisture from my foundation (depending on what one I use). So dependenet on which foundation I use will dertermin how matte my skin will stay throughout the day. For example when I use my B. Naked foundation my oiliness is kept mostly at bay, but if I wear my Avon Flawless foundation, because its a very dewy formula my oil levels are, well oily. (Review still to come)
It really is an experimental game when looking for a moisturiser that will keep the skin matte.

Overall I do really like this moisturiser and will purchase it again in the future. And if your skin is like mine its definatley worth a go, but take in to consideration what foundation your using.

Hope this was helpful!

Jeni x

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