Tuesday 22 April 2014

Dip Dying My Hair!

Hi guys! Today I dip dyed my hair! Which for me was pretty exciting as I have never dye dyed, dip dyed or high lighted my hair before, apart from the occasional fling with a bottle of Sun-in. I used Bleached London's non permanent hair colour cream in the colour Rose. 

It cost £5 for a 150ml bottle available at Boots. Being my first time playing with colour I wanted something not to intense and quite subtle and this looked like the thing! They are available in a whole range of amazing colours from blues to greens, reds, oranges, purples and pink! 
It says it fades out with 2-10 washes  and is recommended for use on bleached or light blonde hair, and as I have neither I wasn't expecting really intense results.
I ended up with a really pretty rose colour that adds a lil summin summin to my hair. Its just noticeable, and a friend at work even said it looks kind of natural. So yes I have naturally pink hair! To be honest when I showed my brother he was like 'Its blonde?' 'Its curly?' 'What are you showing me?' but that brothers for you! 

The dye its self has a pretty pleasant scent, is really thick and creamy and I only used a tiny amount, less than what I would use to condition so I should get plenty of use out of my bottle.

I do quite like this washed out look but I plan on going over it again next time I wash my hair which will be in about 3 days, so I'll post a hair update to show any difference. 

My overall thoughts on the product is that its pretty great and I would definitely try another colour, maybe something more bold? If I'm brave enough!

I filmed a little video of me doing my dip dye. Its my first ever attempt at videoing myself and editing. Its bit of a fail granted but hey! For me it was a big thing! And I'm semi proud of it! So please do watch it, maybe if I'm ever brave enough I'll do another!

Such a sassy looking video thumbnail I know! And yes thats a boots bag bib I'm rocking! Mmm so sassy!

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great day!

Jen x

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