Wednesday 2 April 2014

DIY | Crayon Tinted Lip Balms


A few weeks back I saw a couple of videos on you tube on how to make your own lipsticks using crayons which looked really cool and easy to do, so today I decided I would give it ago! 
I played about a bit with ratios to see what worked best. 

What you're gunna need:

~ Coconut Oil
~ Crayons        
~ Containers     

in addition

~ a double boiler (heat proof bowl + frying pan + hot water)
~ spoon 
~ bowl of HOT water for clean up
~ kitchen towel

Step 1~ Set your hob on a low heat, we have electric so I set it at 4

Step 2~ Decide on your crayon colour

Step 3~ Melt half a teaspoon of coconut oil in your heatproof dish

Step 4~ Melt your crayon!

So this is my first attempt. I used half a teaspoon of coconut oil and a whole crayon. I ended up adding in an extra quarter of a teaspoon of coconut oil as the mixture was really thick.

This looks so much more orange than it ended up. Its more of a red/coral colour.

The consistency of this lip balm was quite thick. I don't think using a whole crayon worked overly well it didn't seem to melt properly.

The best ratio I worked out was the last one. It worked out to be a little over half a whole crayon with half a teaspoon of coconut oil. I only had 3 pots to work with so when I have another free pot I'll be trying some more.

Step 5~ Pour into your container and allow to cool at room temperature. It doesn't take very long at all. They all cooled off with these little bubbles in, but that nothing to worry about. Once they have set, they are quite hard, so to use press down quite firmly and rub round like you would a Vaseline, alternatively warm up in a microwave (DO NOT do if you used a metal tin) for about 20 seconds, or keep it in your pocket.

The end result is a very sheer colour which will tint your lips rather than make a colour statement. But in large part I think that actually has something to do with thequality of crayon you choose to use. I used cheepo ones from Asda (their own brand) while all of the tutorials I watched used Crayola. So while in the pots these lip balms look really vibrant and pigmented they don't give the impact that I thought they would. So maybe next time I'll spurge and get the Crayola ones!

On my lips the colours are very subtle and the overall feel is not to dissimilar to Vaseline. My lips feel moiturised and have a nice sheen to them. 

Hope you give this ago. I'll defiantly be re-attempting this in the future and I will be using my little tinted lip balms because I like 'em!

Have a great day!

Jeni x

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