Wednesday 26 March 2014

Review | Lush Rehab Shampoo & American Cream Condtioner

I'm relativity new to Lush products and when I asked an friend who's bit of a Lush Addict what their hair care was like she said it was worth a try. So I went out and bought some! I've been using these 2 now for about 2/3 months.


Brand| Lush
Product| Rehab Shampoo
Price| £10.45
Size| 250g
Would I repurchase| Not in the near future!

In a nut shell this is meant to be like rehab for tiered stressed out tresses. The ingredients list is full of natural oils, fruit juices and enzymes to give your scalp a thorough clean. I use this solely on my scalp to clear away grease and...dead skin cells (mm so nice to think of). It smells so divine, its fresh and minty and I do enjoy working it in to a lather on my noggin. Consistency wise its quite runny and very clear. It has a similar colour to olive oil just a little less yellow.

The downside, though full of natural ingredients, it still has parabens and sulfates. 
After using this I do feel like my scalp has had a good clean and feels nice and fresh. Bonus is that I don't have to use loads either so its lasting me well.
Then only thing that puts me off repurchasing is that it is a little on the expensive side for me, when I bought this I was feeling a little more luxurious with my money than normal! Plus the general idea of a shampoo is to just cleanse the scalp, not your hair as in general the length of your hair takes care of its self and suds from washing out the shampoo are good enough. So I think my next shampoo buy will be much cheaper and hopefully sulfate and paraben free.


Brand| Lush
Product| American Cream Conditioner
Price| £8.95
Size| 250g
Would I repurchase| Maybe!

So this is meant to be a really creamy conditioner to make your hair happy! First off again it smells so yummy! Like citrus-vanilla, and the scent stays in your hair ALLL day. The first time I used it I kept sniffing my hair, like the weirdo I am. But it does smell so good! I've found you need quite a lot of it though, as I work it through the lower three quarters of my hair it just disappears. It has a very runny thin consistency (and is says its thick...the lies!) for a conditioner, I'm more used to ones a little bit thicker.

Terms of hair softness, I'd say my hair is no softer then it is with any other conditioners that I have used. My hair is pretty manageable after its washed wish is nice, but I think in part that is to do with the fact that I don't comb/brush/touch it while its wet. (I'm thinking I might do a hair care tips post...yay or nay?) 
Overall though I'm not going to rush out and buy it again (its almost empty) but I can imagine buying it again simply for the yummy smell factor!

Have your tried any Lush hair care? What would you recommend? 

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