Wednesday 12 March 2014

Braids 101

Braids are one of my favourite ways to keep my hair neat and out of the way. They can be as simple or intricate as you like. Today I'm just sharing with you the basic braids that I wear quite often. I'm working on growing my hair out along with my layers so my hair can sometimes look a bit messy in the braids.

So this is our regular 3 strand braid. Simply divide hair in to 3 equal sections and pass your right strand over the middle strand, then pass the left strand over the new middle strand and repeat along the length of your hair.

Next up, the French braid. Starting at the crown of your head divide a section horizontally and divide in to 3 sections. Braid once, passing right and left strand OVER the middle strand. Then add a small amount of hair to the right section, and pass the right section over the middle, then add a little hair to the left section and pass it over the middle section, and then repeat until you no longer have to add any extra hair into the braid, and continue your braid till the end. Once you have perfected the French Braid all other braiding comes easy :)

Sorry this one got a little bit messy! The Dutch Braid works on the same principle as the French Braid, but the difference is that you braid UNDER the middle strand rather than over, making the braid sit on top of the hair rather than work into the hair.

The Lace Braid again is working on the same principle as the French Braid except you only add in hair to 1 side, its great for braiding back a fringe or one side if your hair.

The Rope Braid is a nice alternative to the 3-strand braid and is really quick and easy to do, simply divide hair in to 2 sections twist each section in towards your face, then wrap the 2 sections around each other, but wrap them outward, so away from your face and secure. What this does is create a friction in the hair so your rope won't unravel.

And finally this Fish Tail Braid. This one does tend to take a very long time to achieve. Separate hair in to 2 sections then take a small section of hair from the outer most side of one of your sections, bring it over this section and add to the opposite side, then repeat with the other side.

I did do a few other braids but unfortunately they don't work so well with my hair in its current length/state. Sometimes hair length and cut can play a huge role in the way your braid turns out. Once my hair has reached my goal length I'll do another braid post with all the other braids that don't look quite so good on my hair now.

Hope this helped you out if you needed the help! And if my amazing descriptive steps were not amazing enough to follow (which I don't doubt) CLICK HERE and check out my favourite hair guru on youtube, Bebexo.

Jeni x

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