Thursday 20 February 2014

Line Your Eyes

Back in my HOW TO: GEL LINER post I mentioned that I would do a post on different products you can use to line your eyes. Its not as exciting as it sounds, there is a few alternatives to the usual liquid liner that I just wanted to share.

The products I'm using:

From left to right| Collection 2000 Intense Colour Khol Liner, Soap & Glory Super Cat Eye Liner Pen, Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner, Collection 2000 Gel Liner, Natural Collection Eye-shadow Duo.

These are what I think of as my secret eye-lining weapons. From left to right: a long thin brush, a shorter thin brush, a flat angle brush, cotton buds and eye-shadow primer. The cotton buds are, of course to clean up any messes and the eye-shadow primer is to help it all stay in place. Although sometimes I forget it!


Lets start with pencil. Its a much softer more natural finish. I like to warm the pencil up on the back of my hand then draw on a rough line. Then using my flat angle bush I smooth and smudge out the line, then using a cotton bud I clean up the inner corner of my eye making the line a little thinner.


Felt tips I think are great for beginners, really easy to use and un-likely to make much of a mess.


Liquid is my ultimate go to. I've recently started using a long thin brush, dipping that into my liquid liner and applying it with that. Its great for achieving a beautiful thin line and is really easy to use. Much neater than using the dipper it comes with!


Again with gel liner I use the smaller thin brush to apply my gel liner for a beautiful precise line. I forgot to mention in my gel liner post that I like to warm the gel up by, err breathing over it. Sounds gross I know but if its warmer it helps to glide on better.


To line with eye shadow I use the flat angle brush and and load the brush up with eye shadow and line along the lash line. The eye shadow I have isn't very pigmented so I have to go over it a couple times, but I love the look, and again its a very natural looking way to line the eye. And of course using shadows you can experiment with different colours!

Purples great for making brown eyes pop!

Hope you've enjoyed!

Jeni x

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