Monday 10 February 2014

Review | Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream

So if you've been following me a while you'll know that last September I bought 2 Tony Moly products online that I was super excited about trying. Today I'm gonna chat to you about the Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream.

You know what they say, an apple a day!


Brand| Tony Moly
Price| £5.91
Size| 80g
Packaging| Super cute Apple!
Scent| Mildly appley!
Purchased from| Ebay
Would I Buy Again| Yes

So how do you use this? After cleansing I apply approximately half a 2 pence piece amount of product onto my finger tips then dab on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Then gently massage into the skin in a circular motion like you would a face wash, gradually increasing pressure as I go.

After 30 seconds to a minute of gentle to moderate massaging you'll feel the product slowly begin to dry up a little bit and then you'll start to notice all these dirt beads forming on your face and hands.

Yup! Looks gross!

This is a combination of dirt and dead skin cells from your face and also I would have thought from your finger tips as well. Once sufficiently satisfied that you have massaged all of the cream in and buffed off the maximum amount of dirt, simply rinse and pat dry, then follow with your face cream.

So what do I think of this product? Its amazing, I use it once to twice a week. After ever use my skin feels baby soft and looks bright and radiant. I feel that it does a fab job of removing any excess dirt and oils from my face that I may not have completely removed the day before. And my skin looks so clean and fresh. I would defiantly recommend this product as a must to try! The only down side is that you do have to order online. I got mine through a Korean seller on Ebay, but there are proper websites out there too that ship to the UK such as JOLSE & YESSTYLE.

So if you fancy giving Korean beauty products ago I defiantly suggest this, its a decent price for a product that works really well and will last an age as there is no need to use loads and you get a lot of product!

Hope you have a great day! :)
Jeni x

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