Sunday 16 February 2014

Battle of the Brands| Save-VS-Splurge Mascara Edition

Ever wondered whether its worth buying a mascara that's worth a bit more money over one that's just a couple of quid? Well I decided to take 2 of my mascara's and have them battle in out to see what one was better.

Our Contenders

Brand| Natural Collection Lash Length
Price| £1.99
Colour| Black
Purchased at| Boots

Brand| L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes
Price| £10.99
Colour| Extra Black
Purchased at| Superdrug

So between the two there is a £9 difference, and I know that £10.99 isn't a massive splurge but I think of L'Oreal as one of the 'premium' drug store brands, and to some people it is kind of a splurge.

So to make my test fair I curled my lashes twice before application using the same lash curler and applied my mascara in the same way - wiggles and rolls and sweeps - and applied the same number of coats - 2.

The lash curler I use is a super cheapo £1 jobby from ASDA and its amazing.

The brushes are very different. The Lash Length spoolie is tapered and what I think of as the more traditional brush type, and the Volume Million Lashes spoolie is a bit fatter and made with plastic brush bristles, great for combing through lashes.

For such a cheap budget mascara I think the Natural Collection Lash Length is AMAZING. It gives my lashes great curl, length and volume, and does a real good job of separating them, although the end result isn't necessarily smooth looking. 
I made sure that after 8 hours of wear to check back with both mascaras to see if they had kept their curl by taking a little photo and comparing, and I'm pleased to report there was no drooping or loss of curl or volume for 8+ hours with this mascara. (sorry I don't have the photo's)

The L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes, again has great curl, length and volume with nice lash separation. The mascara is a little darker and a finer quality, not having any little clumps or fuzziness on the lashes creating a nice smooth lash finish. When you compare the 2 images you may see what I mean. But I'd say over all they a near on par, sort of, and again this mascara lasted 8+ hours without wilting. 

Granted I have done my little experiment in the cooler months and the out come may be different if it was much warmer and humid, so maybe we should take that in to account.

At the end of this experiment/battle-of-brands I think I'm far more likely to re-purchase the Natural Collection mascara simply for the fact I can buy 5 of them for the price of 1 of the Volume Million Lashes and the overall end result is its a pretty similar and in general life no one stops to really stare at your eye lashes. 

Give this little experiment ago if you can because you may find your presently surprised, that sometimes you could be paying more for something that essentially something cheaper can do the same! But then again it could be a flop!

Hope this helped!

Jeni x

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