Thursday 27 November 2014

Disney's Froze | Elsa Inspired Makeup Tutorial

So I've only just got around to watching Disney's Frozen and OMG I love! Well I love all Disney what girl doesn't! And today I'm sharing an Elsa INSPIRED eye look with you.

Here is what I used:
+ MUA Prow Brow Kit
+ Rimmel Brow This Way in Dark Brown
+ Miss Sporty Studio Lash Mascara
+ MUA Glamour Days Pallet
+ Collection Purple Eye Pallet
+ 17 Single Eye shadow in Punky Purple
+ P.S Love Lip Gloss (no name)

I started out using this shade from the Collection pallet all over my lid as a base colour.

Next up I layered this darker shade from the same pallet over my base, be sure to build colour in the inner corner as well.

Next up I used Punk Purple to begin to build a more vibrant purple shade, just pressing this over the previous shades.

Using this browny red shade from the MUA Glamour Days pallet in the crease area.

I then used this shade from the collection pallet to add a highlight to the center of my eyelid.

With this shad I just lightly lined underneath my lash line.

To finish off a coat of mascara.

To finish off I just used a pinky red lipgloss as Elsa has a little colour on her lips too.

Hope you liked my Elsa inspired makeup today!

I think I may do an Anna inspired tutorial too. She doesn't have any obvious makeup but I think I could do a nice natural look inspired by her!

Jeni x


  1. I love it! The purple shadow really makes your eyes pop and the lipgloss looks soo beautiful on you!

    -Mary |