Tuesday 18 November 2014

Quick Tips | Make The Most Out of Your Samples

As you may know I buy a lot of stuff from Korea online and they send you out lots of little samples with your purchase to try out and encourage you to buy again. And one thing you may notice is that in some samples you actually get a fair amount of product to try but more often than not you end up binning it as your left with an open sachet of leaky product.
Today I'm sharing a super easy, simple tip to prevent wastage and make your little samples go a bit further than that one initial use.

All you will need is an empty container, I bought about 20 of these little plastic containers off ebay, and a tooth pick, oh and your sample.

[click to enlarge]

The method is more than easy, simply squeeze the sides of your sample packet and slide in the tooth pick and scrape out all of your product into the container! Super simple right!
Best thing is that this lasted me about 5 days where as ordinarily I would have binned the sample after the first use, now you get a better idea of the product and whether you want to buy it!

Jen x

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