Friday 9 January 2015

The Hair Diaries | No Poo, One Month On

On the 5th of December last year I quit shampoo and took up a more natural approach to hair care. This last month has been full of ups and downs and many many bad hair days. And I fear I have yet more bad hair days to come.

For those of you who read my last post I have been using a completely natural shampoo bar by J.R Liggetts and an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse to wash and condition my hair.

After my very first wash may hair was...different. It felt waxy and thick and heavy so I smoothed it into a side plait and left it be.
Day 2 my hair was way greasy! But I soldiered on knowing I shouldn't wash it straight away.
The second time I washed my hair it was again iffy, the roots were fine it was just the length of my hair that was waxy feeling like I hadn't washed everything out of it, but it was not as bad as before, and the day after it looked much better. Every time since then it has washed better and better to a point where it looks nice enough on my wash days now. Any other day after wash day is a whole different kettle of fishes!
I've been pushing my wash day's to every 3 days using a home made dry shampoo. But my hair I think is still transiting as its getting very oily. I get one day during my wash cycle where I can wear my hair down, the rest of the time its up in a bun.

I have recently found an amazing FACEBOOK FORUM for all those who are no poo and low poo. Its full of great advice and you can simply ask a question and someone will answer it! Through this forum I have found out that you really should push your washes to a minimum of 4 days, so for me if I wash it on a Monday morning I won't wash it again until Friday morning. And anything that is classed as sebum removing, such as dry shampoo, actually count towards a wash! so this last week I have been pushing 4 days between washing and cut out dry shampoo in the hopes my scalp will wise up and produce less sebum/oil soon.

Another helpful tool is a Boar Bristle Brush (BBB) which is used to help spread the oils down the hair shaft to reduce the oils on the scalp and condition the lengths which seems to work ok I think.

Along with no poo I haven't used ant heat on my hair for at least 3 months! I plan to do monthly updates on my no poo journey as I'm finding it challenging and exciting at the same time!

Until next time!

Jeni x

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