Sunday 25 January 2015

The Hair Diaries | Quitting...

So just over a month ago I went no poo. I was so excited to try this, looking forward to long, healthy locks and reducing my chemical footprint on the eco system and less chemical intake into my body. I thought I could do it, how hard could it be not to use shampoo and have dirty hair for longer than it was clean.
I'll tell you, hard.

I quit no poo.
I'm sorry I just had too! I so badly wanted this to work for me. I had done so much research, joined groups, bought special brushes, tea bags for rinses, raw honey, bentonite caly. But I just couldn't deal.
It was taking me so much longer to wash my hair, making sure I got my scalp clean, spraying in my ACV rinse, washing everything out super duper well. I would have one maybe 2 good hair days a week and the rest of the time I had to have my hair scraped back in a high bun hiding my hideous mane. I was also OBSESSED! I mean all I did was think about my hair. Check the facebook page continuously, experiment to no avail. It was insane.

I thought about quitting and kept thinking, 'It'll get easier, better'. So I kept on trying, till one day, I washed my hair, and I was due round a friends for dinner and when my hair dried, it looked stringy and greasy and that was the straw that broke this camels back.

I grabbed a shampoo and washed and conditioned my hair.
For the first time in weeks I felt good! Crazy how hair can impact a person so much! So after that I just gave up on no poo.
It just isn't for me. I'm still interested in using products that are better for my body, with less harmful ingredients but I know that the no poo method just isn't my cup of tea.
And its strange I don't feel like I failed, just you know tried and gave up real quick.

So I'm currently back to using regular, old shampoo and conditioner till I run out of that. Plus when your a hair care whore to start with and go from just trying so many different hair care options to using pretty much nothing its bit of a shock! Just saying!

I will review my J.R Liggetts Shampoo Bar as I feel it was/is a good option to try if you are going no poo or are just curious, so watch out for that!

Also I have been nominated for the Liebster Award thanks to MARY FROM WNDRLNDS (she has an AMAZING blog) so keep you eyes open for that post too!

See ya around!

Jeni xo

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