Wednesday 20 May 2015

I Had a Reaction

Hi guys!
Long time, no post!
Sorry about that, my life's been a bit crazy of late and I've been uber distracted and its likely to continue on off, but when the time comes I'll do a 'Life Update'...maybe to explain all the craziness! may of read at the beginning of last month I had started using a natural, homemade deodorant that I loved, super, super much. Well I had a reaction to it, so I've had to stop using for the time being. I think/know its due to the amount of Baking Soda I used in the formula. I hadn't realised how bad it could be, the amount of baking soda + daily usage left my poor pitty's looking rather sorrowful and sore.


Each one of these spotty bumps was so painful. I wasn't sure what was happening so continued to use my deodorant for a bit longer, then when they didn't get better, hit up google to find out what was wrong. When I did, I immediately stopped using my DIY deodorant and forwent all deodorant until the inflammation went down which took about 1-2 weeks. Since then I've gone back to using my Dr.Organic Manuka Honey deodorant. And you know what, it sucks! I've been getting uber sweaty and sometimes a bit smelly, que sad face :(
So I have decided to try and re-formulate this DIY deodorant using much less baking soda and more types of oil. I haven't fully figured out what yet but I'm willing to give it another shot.
Cross fingers it works better this time and once I'm 100% sure its good and proper I'll post a Natural DIY Deodorant 2.0!

Jeni xo

*****UPDATE 31st MAY*****

10 days ago I made my new natural deodorant and started using it, and 8 days ago my armpits got sore so I quit my deodorant, today I had 2 big painful spots, one in each arm pit :( Needless to say I have 100% given up with making my deodorant. I used the Dr Organic Manuka 'Honey deodorant again today but decided to apply 2 coats, and it actually worked 1000 times better this way. So I think I'll continue with it and hope for the best!

Jeni xo

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