Sunday 21 July 2013

New Goodies #1

Hello world!
So over the last week or so I've picked up a few new makeup goodies and have been trying them out. 
So cutting to the chase here's what I've bought & what I think!

B. Precise Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate 012 £4.66 - Superdrug
Barry M Touch of Magic Lipstick in 324 £4.49 - Superdrug
Barry M Khol Pencil in Bronce 28 £2.99 - Superdrug
Soap & Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen £6.00 - Boots

(my arm looks really dirty but its just fluff from our new towels...lovely I know)

Barry M Touch of Magic Lipstick


I first heard about this from the latest issue of DARE the Superdrug magazine, and knew I had to try this!

On application this lipstick feels smooth, silky and moisturising. It has a waterproof formula with nourishing aloe vera. Your lips natural alkali level determines how pink your pout will go! Its such a nifty little lippie. Every time I've used it my pink has been a different shade. From a deeper red/pink to a bold bright pink. I've also noticed the colour seems to mature the longer its on your lips so it might start our more red and gradually become pinker. This lipstick lasts for hours (it boasts up to 8) and once the lipstick has worn away your left with a pretty stain that you can either top up with more of this magical lipstick or highlight with a dab of Vaseline. I love using the Rosy Lips Vaseline to touch up, probably one of my favourite lip products.

B.Precise Gel Eyeliner

I've been on the hunt for a nice brown eyeliner, sometimes black feels a bit harsh. So I thought I'd give this ago. With the eyeliner you get a decent size brush included. I was a bit apprehensive considering the last B. eyeliner I tried was an epic fail in my opinion, and found this to be a bit hit and miss. I love the colour, though I was hoping for something a bit darker without having to layer it up. It has little light reflecting particles which give a pretty touch. It does stay on pretty well, but in doing so I have found it a bit tough to remove. It does add extra depth to otherwise dull brown eyes which is nice. I don't really like the formulation I think its a bit crumbly, and I wouldn't say I love this but I wouldn't say I hate it either, its just ok. 

Barry M Khol Eye Pencil

Again this came about on my quest for a brown eyeliner, though its not brown. This is a nice soft pencil which glides on with ease and lightens up my eyes a touch. It does smudge out quite easily so you do have to be careful not to rub your eyes. But I'd say its a nice pencil. 

Soap & Glory Supercat Carbon Black Eyeliner Pen

I've been on the hunt for the perfect liquid/pen liner for a while so I thought I'd give this a shot. 
In the shop when I swatched this baby on my hand the line was beautiful and dark and so I was sold! However the first time I used it I was disappointed! The line was more of the washed out black I've become accustomed to with the pen liners. Not to be dissuaded I carried on using it and found that the black did get dark the more the pen nib was used, I guess it just needs to 'warm-up' a bit. Its not a bad liner and am fairly happy with it, I just want one that is dark black like the package promises!
If you know of any good ones please let me know!

Thanks for reading & have a great day!

Jeni x


  1. The Barry M lipstick seems very promising! I'm thinking about getting it.

    1. Definitely give it a go! Its so cool, although once it stained my lips for a whole day and night, was still there in the morning! But I love it none the less :)

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