Tuesday 23 July 2013

Collection's BB Secrets

Hey all!
As promised here is my review on Collection Cosmetics BB Secrets.

£5.99 but I bought this for its introductory price of about £3.49 something like that.

I've had this in my makeup bag for almost a year now. When I first used it I won't lie, I hated it. So I pretty much just left it in a drawer and forgot about it till about a month ago. I has SPF 15 and as we here in Blighty have been having a bit of a heat wave I thought this wouldn't be too bad to use. I hate putting on sunblock under my foundation, makes it all oily - anyone else have that problem? So anyway I decided to give it another shot.


"BB Secrets - your new secret weapon! For that sheer, flawless face. No one need ever know you're wearing makeup"

What it boasts ~ all the benefits of BB technology to provide radiant, flawless skin
                       ~ offers great coverage for an even skin tone with its all-in-one moisurising and skin                                          perfecting properties
                       ~ SPF 15 to offer protection from UVA and UVB
                       ~ a choice of light & medium shades

What I thought

Straight away you can smell the sunblock, which isn't an unpleasant if you like the smell which I kind of do, so at least you know you've got your SPF in there! 

In contrast its quite a light shade but I did find that this colour adapts to your skin tone, though if your not careful and put too much on - like anything else - it turns a bit darker, more orangey than I'd like.

All smoothed in.

One thing I did find with this is that you have to be quite particular with how you work this on your skin. For me, I find the best way to use this, is to dab a little on the back of your hand then, using your fingers, take a small amount to product and rub with your fingers in both hands, like you would with moisturiser, then pat gently on to your face until the prodcut is worked in. I've found that rubbing this in no matter how gentle the product beads up and sloffs off. Which can be very unattractive, especially if you have a fluffy face...gets caught in your fluffy side-burns. Ok - that sounds manly but I'm sure some of you know what I mean.

BB Secrets does apply quite nicely with a foundation brush as well, but again just watch out for the beading.

Now this says that it give great coverage for a flawless skin tone. I wouldn't of said this was great coverage. Its a very light coverage - much like a tinted moisturiser in my opinion- which works out rather well for hot weather. Flawless skin tone? Sadly my skin tone is not flawless but hey! I'm sure If you had decent skin to start with this would work well for you! It is very moisturising and gives a nice dewy finish, but sadly not for long on my skin. About an hour if that before it goes oily. 

The tube has a flip cap so it does end up getting messy and some product does dry and form a skin - which is a little gross, but wiping it off after use would be the best way to avoid it.

~Will I carry on using it? Yes just so I don't waste my money!
~Would I buy it again? No, not really.                                    

So that's all folks! Thanks for tuning in!

Till next time have a lovely day :)

Jeni x

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