Wednesday 10 July 2013

Summer Look Book 2013


Today i'm going to share with you my summer look book. I never thought I would actually do one of these as I'm not really trendy, I just wear what I like and feel comfortable in. But as the weather has been so nice I decided what the heck give it a go. So here it is my summer look book....

From left to right:
1.Floral Playsuit: Ebay, Belt: From another top, Sandals: Primark. 2.Denim shirt, White crochet vest, Stud-pocket shorts, Pumps: All Primark. 3.Floral Tea Dress: by West & Webb. 4. Batman Midi Dress: PunkyFish (available on Ebay too) Converse: Office. 5. Top: Laura Ashley, Jeans: Gok Wan for Tu at Sainsbury's, Wedges: Clarks. 6. Off the shoulder Sequin top: H&M, Shorts: Primark, Shoes: Crocs. 7. Bird Print Pale Pink Dress: H&M, Belt: from another dress, Pumps: Primark.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak at my simple summer wardrobe.

Jeni x

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