Friday 2 August 2013

Super Easy Doughnut Bun

If like me you struggled to get the perfect doughnut bun using a bun maker....

...Your going to want to invest in one of these babies...

...Super easy to use, you can buy from ebay, just search Bun Maker.

To use: 
1: Tie your hair in a ponytail wherever you wish to place your bun 
  2: Slip ponytail through the slit and pull towards the end of your hair
                        3: Wrap ends of hair around the bun maker then roll down the ponytail to the base
                            4: Bend edges until they connect to create your doughnut shape, then gently pull hair 
into place around bun maker and pin in place...If my awful skills of
                description baffel you follow the link below to where I learned how to do this!

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Jeni x

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