Monday 19 August 2013

Natural Collection

Hi guy's!
Today I bring to you Boot's own brand of super budget makeup - Natural Collection.
The whole range is under £2! Which is amazing and a perfect for beginners brand.
The range covers Foundations, Concealers/Corrector's, Blushers, Bronzer's, Powders, Tinted Moisuriser's, Mascaras, Eye shadow Duo's & Solo's, pencils, Lip Glosses, Lipsticks and Nail Polishes. Phew!
Sorry if I've missed anything out!
They also have a Natural Collection range of bathroom bits and bobs such as hair & face mask sachets, water-body sprays, moisturiser's and shower gels. 

So if your just starting out with makeup and you don't want to spend too much this range is perfect because you can get a whole basic range for £10!

I have a small collection of this brand and today I'm sharing it with you along with my thoughts.

I have a few nail polishes too but I haven't included those.

So lets start with the FACE!


So this is the Colour Foundation in Fair £1.99

This foundation is medium coverage, and covers over pores and imperfections quite well. The colour is OK not fantastic still quite dark I think for it to be classed as Fair. It blends in OK with finger tips but I would definitely advise using a foundation brush with this stuff. It works much better. The consistency is medium thickness and a little jelly like, I know that sounds weird. And can some times get stuck in creases like the nose area so pay particular attention to blending that area out. The scent is the typical 'Fragrance Free' scent that come with fragrance free stuff. On a whole it isn't a totally bad foundation considering you are paying £1.99 for the stuff and its better than some of the other foundations I have used!


CoverUp Cream in Fair £1.99

This concealer has a medium thick consistency and the application brush is pretty soft which feels nice on the skin. If like me you tend to dot your foundation round your face before blending it in you'll soon notice that:
1. It dries up on your skin pretty quickly which makes it hard to blend out.
2. It doesn't blend out very well even if it is wet. Don't bother trying with your finger tips! Brushes are better but not by much!
The coverage itself isn't bad it does hide pores and reduces the appearance of redness, but it has a weird sticky-ness to it. So in my opinion opt for a better quality concealer.


Blushed Cheeks in Sweet Cheeks £1.99

Ahh blusher my nemesis. Now I don't know what it is about me & blusher but we don't get on, I swear its determined to make me look like Coco the Clown. Almost everyone I try, I end up looking like a blushing lobster. Now I'm not blaming the blushers it could just be my lack of blusher-putting-on skills! Now on to the review.
It has a nice soft feel to it and isn't too powdery. Its very pigmented so this is where I probably go wrong, swirling my brush like 80 times then dusting my cheeks. Maybe is should limit the swirling to like 20 - no I am kidding. I think where it is so pigmented its very easy to put too much on your blush brush and end up with too much on. Needless to say it blends out quite well and is a sweet pink colour. Going over with face powder helps dampen down the colour or gently rubbing with finger tips.

Cream Blush

Cream Blusher in Rosy Pink £1.99

I haven't had this blush for more than a couple weeks and let me tell you Oh My Gosh! I freaking LOVE this stuff. Gone forever are my clown days! 
This stuff blends in like a dream, its so subtle and natural looking and leaves you with a healthy glow. I pop a little bit on the back of my hand and using 2 finger swirl it out on my hand then gently pat on to my cheeks and blend out - I do this last after all the other facial renovations so's not to smudge any out. 
So verdict - AMAZING! and for £1.99 can't beat it!

Le Swatches

So now we move on to the EYES.


LashLength Mascara in Brown/Black £1.99

Now call me crazy but I would say that this is one of the best mascara's I have used! The brush is tapered so you can reach easy in to corners and the brush spirals are close together allowing lashes to separate. This is super build-able as well. So you can easily go from a barely there natural look with one sweep to a thicker fuller lash with a few extra coats. I really do love this mascara!


Duo's are £1.99 & Solo's are £1.79


A pale grey and matte black 

A shimmery brown 

A pale golden natural colour

Snow Storm 
Looks pale grey but actually has a pearlesant purple sheen to it

As you can propably see in the photo's these eyeshadow's are pretty crumbly and easy to break - well like most eyeshadow's. 
The colours are pretty nice although not a huge-mungous range. With the more shimmery shadows your do get a lot of fall out so you can end up with eyeshadow on your cheek - keep a brush on hand to sweep it away.


And so finally we move on to LIPS


Sheer Natural Lip Colour in Sandcastle £1.99

This lipstick glides on easy enough and feels soft on the lips with a nice sheer natural cover, however its not overly moisturising and lips feel dry fairly quickly so a sweep of lip balm before hand helps to add extra moisture.

Juicy Lips Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight £1.99

This smell delightful! So yummy! The shade again is a pretty and natural with a slight sheen to it which is to shiny. The applicator brush however needs some work its hard and scratchy making application sometimes unpleasant - all they need to do is used the same brush applicator as the cream concealer and happy days! Again this isn't very moisturiseing and feels a bit dry on the lips but again using lip balm before does help considerably.

Sheer Natural Lip Colour in Sand Castle

Juicy Lips in Turkish Delight

I did a quick natural look using the concealer, foundation, cream blush for my face. The mascara, Asteroid solo and matte black to line my eye and finished with the Sand Castle lip colour.

Hope you've liked!

Jeni x

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