Thursday 29 August 2013

The Pasty Twist

Hello & Good Evening to you all!
Just a quick hair style post for you today!
Soft straightener curls (first use of heat in 2 months!) & what I like to call the Pasty Twist (because it looks like a pasty!)

I wore this hair style out shopping on Wednesday so I will have a Haul blog coming soon!
Nice mix of cute sleepy-time-p-j's, books and beauty, so look out for that!

This hairstyle is super easy to create.
The Straightener/FlatIron Curls:
Make sure you have liberally applied your heat protector, currently I am using Tresemme, then comb through and let dry. 
Then taking your Straightener/FlatIron, I used my beloved ghd's section off a piece of hair and gently clamp vertically, then slightly twisting inwards or outwards, pull gently down the length of your hair. The further around you twist the tighter your curl will be. Repeat around your head.

The Pasty Twist:
Take a section of hair near your face and split in 2, pass the bottom section over the top section, then add a little bit of hair to the new bottom section, then pass up and over the top, and repeat. I did this round to the middle back of my head then pinned in to place with to large slides (when twisted my hair is rather thick!).

To finish off I sprayed a little glossing spray on my hands, I used one by Inecto-Pure Coconut Spray and just rubbed through my curls to separate them.

Nice and simple!

Hope you enjoyed

Jeni x

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